Our mission is to help your company gain competitive advantage through visibility on your supply chain. We commit to deliver you not only cost savings, but business intelligence, so that you can take the best business decisions.

We audit your logistics providers invoices based on the rate agreements and the shipping data, within the predefined business rules. Our freight audit system calculates and matches automatically the freight costs with the costs claimed by the carrier. Matching invoices are automatically approved, the mismatches will flow into a resolution process.

Auditorience Smart Solution Auditorience Smart Solution The audit solutions we offer you are:

  • selfbilling: we issue a credit note to your logistics providers with the correct freight costs;
  • pre-audit: we audit your logistic providers costs against the automatically calculated costs. Any mismatch will be resolved before the invoice is issued;
  • post audit: we audit your logistics providers invoices against the automatically calculated costs. Mismatches will be reflected into either credit notes or additional invoices.

The decision process around mismatches is transparent and reportable: you and your logistics providers will be able to see who, when and why has either approved or denied a cost.

Several logistics and financial reports are available and support you in the decision making process: accruals report, shipping and audit reports. Customized reports can be built on request.

Would you like to know which freight audit solution fits your business model and sustains the most your strategy? Call us, our sales team is willing to answer your questions.